One-on-One Yoga

With busy schedules and high demands on our time it can be hard to roll up your mat and make it to a studio. 925 Yoga provides an environment for you to focus on your wellness with customized classes that fit your unique needs. Private, one-on-one, yoga provides flexibility that works with your schedule and creates a practice that is 100% focused on you. 

One-on-One yoga is perfect for anyone, whether you practice regularly or not. Yoga is a great way to safely move the body and is for everyone! Take advantage of the immense benefits available both physically and mentally from creating a yoga practice. 

Our instructors will come to you so you can practice in the comfort of your own home with in-person instruction. 

In Home


No need to drive, practice from your own home via virtual video conferencing. Allowing for live, real-time interaction during your customized practice.

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